NYC and Philly can both suck my balls!!!

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NYC and Philly can both suck my balls!!!

Post by GI_Jim on Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:09 pm

Laughing Laughing I just got home from a road trip from S.C. to Canada and back. I made the mistake on the way up of going through NYC and Philly. No offense to anyone here who lives there, but they are complete gang infested shit holes! I've driven in crazy city traffic before, but the way the streets are laid out in Philly are completely fucked up! You drive down all of these one-way roads littered with cars packing both sides of the street, leaving you with one narrow fucking street left to drive on. Add mass foot and bicycle traffic all around and horns blaring EVERYWHERE and you get an idea of the chaos in the shitty, God forsaken place. It was so run-down there that it made my skin crawl. It was almost like going through a third world country. Between Philly, NYC, Boston and New Jersey, all we saw were run-down, graffiti tagged dirty-ass cities.

I knew the cities up there weren't in the greatest of shape, but what I saw just amazed me. If they offered to pay ME $100,000 a year to live in any of those places, I would turn it down. No joke. Shocked

Besides that, I had an awesome time! I went to my old town in Canada for a visit. Took pictures of all the schools I went to, house I lived in, etc...

One day I went to Eastport Maine and bought 4 lobsters right off of a fishing boat that pulled into the dock. I also met and had lunch with the mayor of Eastport. Lol! Pretty damn cool trip. Very Happy

I drove 1400 miles in 22 hours and just got here at 7:35 this morning. I am freaking BEAT!!! Hope you've all been doing great. Very Happy

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